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3 of my friends are stuck in san fransisco.  If there is anybody willing to go get them please contact me. Gas money wil be supplied. Or if you can hot wire cars let me know. both of the vehicles are outside of my house... This is super important. Please help.

*if anyone besides bruce has a more definite or immediate plan please let me know.


Are you an alkie if you drink by yourself? I've never thought so. what differece does fun make if you do it by yourself or with others? well I was saving a bottle for a friend and I but she bailed out cuz she had to work and now I'm drinking by  myself and having a grand old time. Woo video games they are much more challenging when you lack coordination. But anyway, I've changed the message on the machine so ... don't be alarmed if its the the same. But call me cuz i am bored and would be grateful for someone to talk to.

Retail hell

Fuck my new job. It really sucks. Really sucks. My feet hurt. I never have time for myself anymore it seems. Oh well, it might seem worth it when I get my first pay check.  Who knows. I'm going to tough it out because i think the money might actually be worth it. Right now, I'm going to bed. goodnight.


Ok, I actually got shit done today! I start work tomorrow At 5:00 PM and that rocks! Also, what I am more excited about is I went down to De Anza College and applied and got a course schedule and shit... I have a Student ID number again! (why is it that being reduced to a number makes me so happy? Employee numbers... ID numbers... Student ID numbers....) Anyway, I can't wait to be a student again! I am so ready to get back into it! I'm not going to fuck it off this time. So, yeah. Yay me!!!
Happy birthday mom.  She turned 39 today and did nothing but take a day off work and read. what a weirdo. but then it came to my attention that my b-day is only 3 months off. weird. I don't even remember my last b-day. As time goes by birthdays have seemed less and less important. oh well. um, i get to hang out with heather on monday and that will be pretty cool if she doesn't have to work. so... anyway... um, boring day. I'm in my least fav. part of silent hill 4 now, and it sucks because it is so scary that I often have to turn off the console with out saving because i am so worked up. (this stupid fucking game actually gives me nightmares, but secretly I love it) i worked it out and by the time i start my job, (if it is indeed soon) i will get paid right around the same time silent hill origins comes out. now all I have to do is make sure I make enough money to afford rent and a new PSP and a game... damn... and pay back most of my debts... and all kinds of other shit. damn living is hard... But i guess we all have to do it.

I'm back.

OK, so I have been back for a while... but haven't really felt like posting. Um, my mom sucks. More accurately, my mom's new boyfriend sucks.  And makes her suck in the process. This was honestly the most unpleasant  visit I've had with her, and we didn't even fight. i guess any energy that I would have used for arguments was burned up in the discust that I felt. She's acting like a fucking lovesick 14 year old.  Ugggh. The guy is totally creepy and rude. Anyway, I go to my new job tomorrow no that I actually have an  ID.  Hopefully it won't take too long to get an employee number and get started. She said it would be pretty quick. I need some money that's all.  Even though this job is most likely going to suck... don't most jobs anyway?
Ok, mu mom is coming right now to pick me up for a while. I'm going to go get my ID fixed (those bastards at the DMV put the wrong address on it. We are also going to swing by the hospital at some point because I've been feeling so ill for so long now. I keep getting dizzy and stuff. weird I know so we are going to go see what we can do about it.  anyway she doesn't have internet at her house so it will be a while before I'm back on. sorry for the random capitalization's and stuff. i don't feel well enough to correct them.


I got the job!!!! I start on Thursday. Fucking uhhh. Oh yeah. Sorry just kinda stoked. Other than that, more big news. I found out that I'm not the only one with an uber dork dance... shocking. You never do know what you will find on LJ. First long lost friends, then other uber dorks? this place fucking rocks!!!! AND A FUCKING JOB!!!! Wooo! I need to calm the fuck down. I gotta go play silent hill....


Damn the move things quickly. Tomorrow i go in for two hours so they can see how i interact with customers and the like. Fuckin' A man. i'm excited.  of course i have failed to mention that i still do not have an id... hopefully they can work with that. i'll figure something out.  WEEEEEE!

I'm so stoked!

Holy crap!!! Thanks Bruce for the marvelous idea to go down to the Great Mall and look for jobs!!! OK here's what happened.  First I thought I was going to be picky and I only picked up applications for borders and the sharper image and game stop before i realized that i had been through the whole mall and only grabbed 3 apps. not good. so i told myself to be selective but open. so there was a saks 5th ave. outlet store that i thought would be higher end. so i walk up to the counter and talk to the young man behind it for a min. or two before asking for an app. so, he hands me one and says " OMG you're HELLA professional." he did not say Oh My God he said out loud "OMG"  And i began to think twice about wanting to work there. if this dumb ass got hired then the most likely did not pay commission.  so fuck that.  then i saw a BCBG store. I recognized the brand from drooling over Vogue mags all my life. I walked in and the store was a freaking mess. of the three people that worked in the store only the manager knew how to work the register. I asked for an app and she asked for a one on one chat right off the bat. Asking me about myself and shit. Turns out they need help so badly that I have an interview tomorrow at 2:30!!!!! holy crap. thats not the best part. there's a 5% commission and a 75% discount!!!! FUCK ME!!! so yeah.  needless to say i'm stoked.  sorry for the bad grammar and such. i'm so excited, and i just can't hide it!!! fuck yeah.



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